These Kinds of Apples You Can Find at Schwab Farm.  We carry apples through out the year, call us to check if your favorite is available.

Acey Mac Ripens late September, resembles McIntosh in appearance, taste, shape, flesh color and texture with larger size and firmer texture

CortlandRipens late September-early October, widely grown, all purpose, late McIntosh type apple, crisp, pure white flesh resists browning when cut, tart tangy flavor, excellent for eating, cooking and cider

Crispin (Mutsu) – Ripens early to mid October, sweet flavor, excellent for eating, sauces, baking, salads, and pies

Empire – Ripens early October, good for fresh eating, cider, sauce, cooking and freezing, excellent flavor and good storage ability

Fortune – Cross between Northern Spy & Empire, ripens early October, excellent for cooking, very good fresh eating quality

Fuji – Ripens late October, sweet, fruity, crisp flesh with sub-acid flavor, extremely firm flesh makes it an outstanding keeper

Gala – Ripens September, mild sweet flavor, juicy, excellent for eating and salads

Ginger Gold – Ripens August, sweet, but mildly tart, excellent for eating and salads

Golden Delicious ­– Sweet and extra juicy, great for eating, salads and baking

Honeycrisp Cross between Macoun & Honeygold, Ripens mid September, exceptionally crisp and juicy apple with mild sweet flavor, very crisp flesh, stores well, winter hardy

Ida Red – Ripens from mid to late October, crisp, excellent dessert apple, good for baking, sauce and pies

Jersey Mac – Ripens mid August, early McIntosh, Firm, crisp, juicy, aromatic flesh, medium sweetened.  Use for sauce, pies, & eating.  Fairly good keeper for a summer apple

Jonagold – Cross between Golden Delicious & Jonathan, ripens October, sweet with a hint of tartness, juicy, and crisp, excellent for eating, salads, sauce and baking

Jonamac – Somewhat tart flavor, excellent for baking, cooking or eating

Macoun – Ripens late September, size and shape like McIntosh, more striped with deeper red coloring,  extra sweet with a mild, tart taste, high quality, all purpose dessert apple

McIntosh – Juicy, tangy and aromatic, an all-time favorite for eating and baking

Northern Spy – Ripens in mid-late October, crisp, juicy yellowish flesh, excellent all-purpose apple for drying and cider

Paula Red – Ripens late August, tart, juicy, crisp, excellent for eating, and sauce, similar to a Cortland

Red Delicious – One of the most famous American apple varieties, ripens in early October, juicy, sweet taste

Red Rome – Firm, with a mildly tart taste, excellent for sauce, baking and pies

Snow Sweet – It harvests about two weeks after Honeycrisp, savory sweet taste, with a slight tart balance and rich overtones, stores well

Twenty Ounce – Ripens unevenly during September or October, as its name implies this apple can reach enormous proportions, semi-firm white flesh, and premier cooking apple for more than 100 years, excellent for dessert


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